Girl 1: Hair: Magika -  Amuse Me Hairbase: GLORY. -- Kala Hairbase-- @Applique  Skin: Egozy. Celine Eyes:- SU! - Darcey Eyes- @App...

Girl 1:

Hair:Magika -  Amuse Me
Hairbase:GLORY. -- Kala Hairbase--@Applique 
Eyes:-SU!- Darcey Eyes-@Applique 
Piercing Mouth: .:E.A.Elipse:. BOX Nerfertiti Piercing Mouth
Lipstick:-SU!- Lenore Lipstick -@Applique 
Bracelet:!IT! - Lucky In Love Bracelet
Body and Boots: .::.What2Wear.::. Romper /Boots-Stamped
Scenary: Rama  
  Atrezzo :: Bikers Workshop :: {kokoia}

Girl 2 visit : Chic and Pretty

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